Why Isn’t Season 7 of Vera on BritBox?

Season 7 of Vera is a highly anticipated installment of the popular British crime drama series. However, fans of the show might be disappointed to find out that it is not available on BritBox, a popular streaming service known for its collection of British TV shows. So, why isn’t season 7 of Vera on BritBox? Let’s explore the possible reasons below.

Licensing Agreements

One of the main reasons why season 7 of Vera is not on BritBox could be due to licensing agreements. Streaming platforms like BritBox have to negotiate and acquire rights to stream specific content, including TV shows and movies. It is possible that the licensing agreement for season 7 of Vera could reside with another streaming service or broadcaster, preventing BritBox from including it in their lineup. This is a common occurrence in the world of streaming where different platforms vie for exclusive rights to certain content.

Exclusive Streaming Rights

Another reason why season 7 of Vera might not be available on BritBox is because another streaming service or broadcaster holds the exclusive streaming rights for that particular season. In such cases, the show may be available on a different platform that has secured the exclusive rights, restricting its availability on BritBox. Exclusive deals are often made to attract subscribers or increase viewership on specific streaming services, making the content exclusive to that platform for a certain period of time.

Release Schedule

The availability of season 7 of Vera on BritBox may also be dependent on the release schedule set by the production company or broadcaster. Sometimes, streaming services acquire the rights to a TV show, but the release schedule of each season or episode might not align with their platform’s rollout plans. This can lead to delays in the availability of certain seasons or episodes on streaming services like BritBox. The production company or broadcaster might prioritize releasing the show on other platforms first, such as traditional broadcast television or a different streaming service.

Contractual Obligations

The showrunners behind Vera might have contractual obligations with other platforms that prevent them from making season 7 available on BritBox. These obligations could be related to distribution agreements, partnerships, or other contractual arrangements between the show’s creators, production company, and other streaming platforms or broadcasters. Such contractual obligations can restrict the availability of the show on any specific streaming service, including BritBox.

Content Rotation and Exclusivity

Streaming platforms like BritBox often rotate their content to keep their offerings fresh and attract new subscribers. While season 7 of Vera might not be currently available on BritBox, there’s a possibility that it may be added in the future. As streaming platforms acquire and lose rights to different shows and movies, their lineup constantly evolves. Additionally, there might be plans to add exclusivity to certain seasons of Vera in the future, making them available only on BritBox after their initial release on other platforms.

In conclusion, the absence of season 7 of Vera on BritBox can be attributed to various factors, including licensing agreements, exclusive streaming rights, release schedules, contractual obligations, and content rotation strategies. While fans eagerly await its availability on BritBox, they can explore alternate platforms or keep an eye on future updates to see if the show eventually becomes available on the popular streaming service.