Why is my Power Washer Pulsating?

If you have ever encountered a power washer that is pulsating, you may wonder why this happens. Power washer pulsation can be caused by various factors, which can affect its performance and efficiency. Understanding the reasons behind this issue can help you identify the problem and find a suitable solution.

Clogged Nozzle:

A clogged nozzle is one of the most common reasons for power washer pulsation. When the nozzle gets clogged with dirt, debris, or mineral deposits, it restricts the flow of water, causing the machine to pulsate. To address this issue, you can follow these steps:

  • Turn off the power washer and release the pressure by pulling the trigger.
  • Remove the nozzle from the wand or lance.
  • Rinse the nozzle thoroughly with water, ensuring all particles are removed.
  • Reattach the nozzle to the wand or lance and start the power washer again.

Inadequate Water Supply:

If your power washer does not receive sufficient water supply, it can lead to pulsation. Check the water source and ensure adequate water flow. Here are a few steps to address this problem:

  1. Verify that the water supply hose is not kinked or blocked.
  2. Ensure the water source provides enough pressure and flow for the power washer.
  3. Remove any obstructions or debris from the inlet filter screens or hose connections.
  4. Consider using a larger water supply hose to improve water flow if necessary.

Wrong Nozzle Size:

Using the wrong size of nozzle for the desired pressure can cause power washer pulsation. Each power washer has a recommended nozzle size, so using the correct one is crucial. Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines or user manual to determine the appropriate nozzle size for your machine.

Worn or Damaged Pump:

A worn or damaged pump can also result in power washer pulsation. If you notice any signs of wear or damage, such as leaks or strange noises, it’s best to consult a professional for repair or replacement.

Air in the System:

Air can enter the power washer system, causing pulsation. To remove air from the system, try the following steps:

  1. Tighten all connections, fittings, and couplers to ensure they are airtight.
  2. Hold the trigger of the power washer to release any air trapped in the system.
  3. Continue holding the trigger until a consistent flow of water is observed.

By understanding the potential causes of power washer pulsation, you can troubleshoot and resolve the issue more effectively. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines when working with power washers to avoid any accidents or further damage.