Why Are Both of My Turn Signals Blinking?

Understanding the Cause

If you’re experiencing the issue of both your turn signals blinking simultaneously, there could be a few reasons behind it. The most common cause is a malfunctioning flasher relay, which is responsible for controlling the blinking of the turn signals. However, there are other factors that could contribute to this problem as well. Let’s explore some possible explanations and solutions below.

1. Faulty Flasher Relay

The flasher relay, also known as the thermal or electronic flasher, is a critical component in the turn signal system. When you activate your turn signals, the flasher relay sends an electronic signal to the bulbs, causing them to blink. If the relay becomes defective or fails completely, both turn signals may blink simultaneously. Replacing the flasher relay should resolve this issue in most cases.

2. Incorrect Bulb Installation

Sometimes, the problem may arise from incorrect bulb installation. If a wrong type of bulb is used or it is placed improperly, it can interfere with the operation of the turn signal system. Double-check that the correct bulbs are installed in the appropriate sockets and ensure they are secure and properly aligned. This simple step might be all it takes to fix the issue.

3. Short Circuit

A short circuit can disrupt the normal functioning of your turn signals, causing both sides to blink at the same time. This may occur if there is a damaged wire, a frayed connection, or a faulty switch. Inspect the wiring and connections near the turn signals for any signs of damage. If you spot an issue, repairing or replacing the damaged components should restore proper blinking to your turn signals.

4. Wiring or Grounding Problem

Problems with the wiring or grounding of your turn signal system can also lead to both signals blinking together. Check for loose connections, corrosion, or damaged wires in the circuit. Additionally, ensure that the grounding points for the turn signals are securely attached and free from any rust or debris. Cleaning or repairing the wiring and grounding points may help rectify the issue.

5. Multi-Function Switch Malfunction

The multi-function switch, commonly found on the steering column, allows you to control various functions in your vehicle, including the turn signals. If the switch malfunctions, it can cause both turn signals to blink simultaneously. This problem may manifest if the switch contacts are worn out or there is an internal issue within the switch itself. Replacing the multi-function switch is the recommended course of action in such cases.

Closing Thoughts

Identifying the root cause of both turn signals blinking simultaneously is crucial to ensuring your safety on the road. While a malfunctioning flasher relay is often the culprit, it’s essential to consider other possible factors such as incorrect bulb installation, short circuits, wiring or grounding problems, or a faulty multi-function switch. By diagnosing the issue correctly and addressing it promptly, you can restore the proper functioning of your turn signals and maintain the safety of yourself and others on the road.