Why Am I Getting Epoch Times Emails?

Why Am I Getting Epoch Times Emails?

If you have been wondering why you are receiving emails from Epoch Times, there are a few reasons that could explain it. Epoch Times is a global newspaper that covers a wide range of topics including politics, culture, and current events. It has an extensive readership and this could be one of the reasons why you are getting emails from them. Another possibility is that you may have subscribed to their newsletter or provided your email address to them at some point. Let’s explore some potential reasons in more detail.

1. Subscribing to Epoch Times Newsletter

One likely reason you are receiving emails from Epoch Times is that you have subscribed to their newsletter. They may have an engaging newsletter that provides updates on their latest articles, news stories, and features that might be of interest to you. If you recall signing up for their newsletter or giving them your email address, this is likely the reason you are receiving their emails.

2. Opt-in by Creating an Account

If you have created an account on the Epoch Times website, it is possible that you have opted-in to receive emails from them. Many websites offer this option during the account creation process. By agreeing to receive emails, you give them permission to send you promotional and informational content. If you have an account with Epoch Times, it’s likely that you are receiving their emails as a result of opting in.

3. Shared Email Database

It is also possible that your email address was shared with Epoch Times through a third party. Sometimes, when you sign up for services or make purchases online, your email address can be shared with other companies for marketing purposes. If your email address ended up on a shared database that Epoch Times has access to, this could be the reason why you are receiving their emails.

4. Forwarded Emails by a Contact

If you have received emails from Epoch Times that were forwarded by a friend, family member, or colleague, this could be the reason why you are receiving them. Sometimes when an email is forwarded, the original recipient’s email address stays in the email thread. As a result, you may start receiving emails directly from Epoch Times even if you did not subscribe or provide your email address to them directly.

5. Unintentional Subscription

In some cases, you may have unintentionally subscribed to Epoch Times emails. This can happen if you have unknowingly clicked on a link or checked a box that signed you up for their mailing list. It’s worth checking your email history or searching through your mailbox for any mention of Epoch Times. If you find any correspondence with them, it’s likely that you accidentally subscribed to their emails.

Table: Reasons for Receiving Epoch Times Emails

Subscribing to NewsletterYou intentionally subscribed to their newsletter.
Opt-in by Creating an AccountYou gave permission to receive emails during account creation.
Shared Email DatabaseYour email was shared with Epoch Times by a third party.
Forwarded EmailsEmails were forwarded to you from someone who subscribed.
Unintentional SubscriptionYou accidentally subscribed by clicking a link or checking a box.

In conclusion, there are multiple reasons why you might be receiving emails from Epoch Times. These include subscribing to their newsletter, opting in when creating an account, having your email address shared through a database, receiving forwarded emails, or unintentionally subscribing. By identifying the reason behind the emails, you can decide whether to continue receiving them or take steps to unsubscribe if desired.