Instructions for navigating Imaging Place Second Life

The Earth platform is the main navigational interface for the larger project.

The spinning ENTER signs will offer you teleports to other Imaging Place scenes depicting situations in contested spaces from around the world.

The scenes are distributed in different locations around the Second Life grid, so as you navigate the spaces of Imaging Place you will also navigate the grid.

To experience a specific scene, walk up the red lines as they are paths or bridges to access the platform hovering above.

It is best not to try to fly around Imaging Place, you will bump your head on invisible structures.

NODES: The upper platform is made up of satellite photograph with maps of movement through the original location in the real world indicated in red.

The lines radiating out from these markers lead to a constellation of floating orbs or nodes.

Walk to the very center of any one of the nodes and set your camera to 'Mouse Look' by either rolling you middle mouse roller all of the way forward, or choose View > Mouse Look or type M.

Each of these scenes contains a story told with audio. It is important that you make sure that your audio is on, choose Edit > Preferences Audio-Video = Play Streaming Media.

Use your Music Control to listen to the audio. You may need to exit Mouse Look by pressing ESC to play Music Control the first time. The music controller will only show up at node center.

There is a different audio clip at each node. Explore the entire scene to get the whole story.