Imaging Place Second Life: The U.S./Mexico Border at Ars Virtua.

Screen Captures from Imaging Place SL; The U.S./Mexico Border at Ars Virtua,
John Craig Freeman, January 5, 2007.

Opening reception at Ars Virtua, January 5, 2007.

Opening reception at Ars Virtua with performance by Second Front, January 5, 2007.

The opening of Imaging Place SL: The U.S./Mexico Border ay Ars Virtua was a very crazy event. The Second Front group was invited to preform in response to the piece. The performance was total mayhem, quiet entertaining, helicopters, tanks, border patrol. In the end they set the place on fire and then nuked the entire joint sending the entire audience out into oblivion. It was hard but not impossible to return to the space after some time but it was a wreck with performance objects scattered everywhere and if you stepped in the wrong place you would float back off into space. I had to just leave. By the time they got it all cleaned up everyone was gone. It would have been a perfect way to end the event, not start it. At least it trigged plenty of attention and controversy. Luckily I was hanging out early and spent good time with a steady stream of folks coming through before 7:00 pm. and there have been many people returning since. There is a perforative aspect to what I am doing, one to one digital story telling in real-time using Imaging Place nodes as memory triggers. January 6th, 2007

Border Art, by Lythe Witte in Slatenight.

The U.S./Mexico Border field work.