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Miami River

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On Jun 29, 2004, at 1:31 PM, Greg wrote:


Regarding the question of the relation between the interface and the database of Miautre. Miautre is a chora, a categorical image. It maps the Miami River in the mode of choragraphy. Here are some features of chora in general and Miautre in particular.

Features of Chora
1. Chora is to electracy what topic is to literacy.
2. Chora includes both pure and practical reason.
3. Miautre as chora is not one place, but a group of places.
4. The illumination effect is achieved through mystory.
5. Miautre as image may serve as an interface for a database.
6. Miautre and choragraphy are in the tradition of the memory palace.
7. The four popcycle discourses replace the four suits of the Minor Arcana of tarot.
8. Each suit/discourse is structured by two dynamics: a) narrative; b) history.
9. History is the register that supports the dialectical image of Now-Time.
10. Linking the Major Arcana representatives to their historical precedents.

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