<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>U.S.-Mexico<</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY BGCOLOR=#FFFFFF> <CENTER> <TABLE BORDER="0" WIDTH="550"> <TD> <FONT COLOR="444444"> <A HREF="http://floridaresearchensemble.net" TARGET="_top"><IMG NAME="FRE" SRC="header.gif" WIDTH=550 HEIGHT=50 BORDER=0></A> <A HREF="../index.html"><IMG NAME="Earth" SRC="../home.jpg" WIDTH=170 HEIGHT=170 BORDER=0></A><BR> <BR> <H2>U.S.-Mexico</H2> <P><IMG NAME="Merrimack Valley" SRC="index.jpg" WIDTH=550 HEIGHT=550 BORDER=0> <BR><HR> <P>On June 6, 2005, at 4:15 PM, Craig wrote:<BR> <P>Hi Greg and Don, <P>I wanted to post an update on the Imaging Place: U.S. Mexico Border Region project. As you know I visited the site last summer 2004. I scouted around but did not get much fieldwork done. I wrote a grant to return this summer 2005 and it was successful. I will be traveling there around August 1st. <P>Greg, Don Repella is and old friend of mine. He helped me with the Rocky Flats project way back in 1990. I have asked him if he would like to participate in the U.S. - Mexico work and he has tentatively agreed. <P>Don, You may already be familiar with Greg Ulmer's writing. He has been my collaborator on the Imaging Place project since 1997. <P><IMG NAME="U.S. Mex" SRC="US-Mex.jpg" WIDTH=550 HEIGHT=393 BORDER=0> <P>There are three public policy issue I have been exploring for the project. First is the contradictions and bigotry of U.S. Immigration policy toward Latin America. Second is the labor and environmental exploitation of N.A.F.T.A., and the third is globalized human trafficking, slave and indentured labor, and the sex industry. <BR><HR> <A HREF="http://pages.emerson.edu/Faculty/John_Craig_Freeman/" TARGET="_top"><IMG NAME="Home" SRC="http://institute.emerson.edu/vma/faculty/john_craig_freeman/home.gif" WIDTH=550 HEIGHT=50 BORDER=0></A> </FONT> </TD> </TABLE> </CENTER> </BODY> </HTML>