Merrimack Valley


On May 25, 2005, at 4:44 PM, Craig wrote:

Hi Greg, I am finally catching up enough to pick up on our choragraphy discussion and bring you up-to-date with what has been happening with Imaging Place. I am on payed pre-tenure leave until January so I will have some time to focus and to travel. Several great things happen conceptually during the production of the Imaging Lowell work for the On The Map exhibition. I'll get to that in the next post. Also some great opportunities emerged in response to the show. In addition to Mark Baard's review in Wired News, I have a discussion going with the Swiss Consul, Marianne Gerber to investigate the possibility of producing a U.S. - Swiss artistic and academic collaboration based around the production of an Imaging Place project. I have also been invited to travel to Warsaw in the fall to present work at the Warsaw Electronic Festival and to plan an Imaging Warsaw project for the 2006 festival. I will be traveling back to the San Ysidro - Ti Juana border region in August to do some more work there. Anyway more about all of this soon.