9. HISTORY is the second dynamic of the suits, the vector from past to present in each of the discourse precedents. This is the register that supports the dialectical image of Now-Time. Here is the other seed of the epiphany, produced through the structure of involuntary memory (Proust). The specific question Craig had about design concerns this dimension. What needs to be in the database to capture this historical dynamic? For FAMILY: Skeeversville, Revelle's childhood memories of the place that was her "back of beyond." The mystory promotes Revelle's private personal experience into precedent or paradigm status. Mr. Revelle's story as Great White Hunter, part of BJ's current work, continues this history. ENTERTAINMENT: the evolution of the adventure narrative -- Western (Leatherstocking + Captivity tale), Hardboiled Detective, Femme Fatale, Noir cinema, Neo-Noir TV = Miami Vice. HISTORY: Frontier, Cavalry vs Indians, Roosevelt and Frederick Jackson Turner, Industrial City, invention of Jazz (New Orleans), U.S. foreign policy (counter-insurgency). Cuba. Haiti. CAREER: Florida uses of consultants, especially advertising agencies, to deal with "image problems." Wisdom tradition (shipwreck with witness, ataraxy); modernist poets and their hero, the rag-pickers. At one level, this mystory is, as Gertrude Stein put it, "Everybody's Autobiography."

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