7. The four popcycle discourses replace the four suits of the Minor Arcana (Family/Cups. Entertainment/Wands. History/Swords. Career/Pentacles). There is in fact a correlation between the energies/forces expressed in the Tarot suits and the institutions traced in the popcycle. The point of Miautre is not to retain the archetypes, but to discover/design contemporary views of these dimensions of experience, within cultural studies theory of identity formation (replacing the Christian neo-Platonic humanism informing Tarot). Mystory maps an individuals position within the popcycle, on the principle that the outer is inner (extimacy): Problems B Us. The mystory shows the degree to which uniqueness is typological (falls within the default moods). A chora supports a process of living archetypes (cf living monuments). The archetype is not fixed but is distributed through the roles of the popcycle narratives, occupied ephemerally or in a process of continually updating.

Features of Chora