5. Miautre as image may serve as an interface for a database, and this database in turn may interface the Internet as global information-in-process. Choragraphy is a mode of information design. The interface metaphor is divination. Miautre is an oracle, formed syncretically as a hybrid drawing on features of poststructural theory, the I Ching (Yijing) and Tarot. A Tarot metaphor shows both how to articulate the holistic image as a classification system (storage) and how to interact with the category (retrieval) in everyday life. Miautre is a systematic update of Tarot, replacing the Major Arcana archetypes with the denizens Revelle encountered during her drift mapping of the river zone. The book describing the project is entitled "Miami Virtue" to point out the challenge of this map, which is to locate the values governing practical reason and hence policy formation (politics and ethics) in global America. The present state of Miautre design being implemented by Craig Freeman concerns principally this dimension of the interface metaphor. This point brings out the need for the design of further choras. Choragraphy is a practice, using image categories, to reason with the Internet as a dynamic whole (the same relationship rhetoric and conceptual topics have with the library as a whole).

Features of Chora