4. The illumination effect is achieved through mystory, which transforms a collection of topics into a "situation" (Sartre, the situationists) by configuring them through point of view. The structure is what Deleuze called an emblem (concept plus individual); what Benjamin called a dialectical image (Then + Now; nowtime). Here is the paradox of chora: it classifies through singularity, not universality. It gathers universals, abstract generalizations (topics. concepts) into a symptom (sinthome) unique to a specific individual egent (consultant). Singularity is used here not in the Romantic terms of humanist individualism, but in the poststructural sense of differential calculus (Deleuze's logic of sense)-- the intersection of vectors. In cognitive science this effect is called a "cognitive blend". Miautre is a quantum measure. It shows the state of the world Miami June 1998. It is one throw of the dice, fall of the sticks, flip of the coins. This point is worth emphasizing since it is counterintuitive: Chora is a category with a point of view (or points of view). It is not a neutral abstraction.

Features of Chora