1. Chora is to electracy what topic is to literacy--the organizing "space" and practice through which rhetoric relates living memory to artificial memory. It is the relation of region to place. Literate topics include collections of interrelated commonplaces plus operating procedures for generating a text on that topic. Choras gather multiple topics associated with a geographical region into a scene whose coherence is provided by an atmosphere or Stimmung. This atmosphere or mood is an emergent quality resulting in an unforeseeable way from the combination of topics interfering and interacting with one another. Each one of the popcycle discourses has its own specific atmosphere (state of mind): eg. FRE = Wisdom tradition = ataraxy. (film)Noir = paranoid nihilism (?). Consultant advertising = booster pride... The mood of Miautre is "perfume" mix of these extant moods.

Features of Chora